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MY COLLECTOR I am a “Pomelkophile” – a term derived from the Greek “poma”: cork, “elkein”: to pull, and “philo”: to love. I am, therefore, a lover of and a collector of corkscrews.My collection is not large, but it is interesting and I am constantly adding to it. Discover it on the following pages, which are organized in the same fashion as the book La folie des tire-bouchons” by Frédérique Crestin-Billet. You will find pages devoted to the Simple, Mechanical, Lever, Pocket, Multifunction, and Pub corkscrews.

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Tee shape corkscrew: also called “T” shaped corkscrews. Due to their shape their use is intuitive, but it requires a significant effort to extract the cork. However, the variety of forms and the materials used in their fabrication can make them beautiful objects to collect.

# 754 and 755

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Mechanical corkscrew: a corkscrew is considered “mechanical” as soon as it is no longer “simple” – that is, it was improved for easier use.

# 748, 749 and 750.

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Levers corkscrew: these corkscrews are also considered “mechanical”, but differ from their precedents by the addition of levers: either one or two “arms”, which reduces the effort needed to extract the cork.

# 753

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Pocket corkscrew: the corkscrew was quickly miniaturized so that it could be carried in a pocket. Many solutions were found to protect both the corkscrew and the transporter!

# 751
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Multifunction corkscrew: everyday life has always required multiple accessories to be permanently within reach – although the items have changed over the years, the principle has not. In addition to the corkscrew proper, multipurpose corkscrews initially had various utilitarian objects - clock keys, knifes for cutting sugar, utensils for lacing shoes (or corsets) – attached.
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Pulled corkscrew: These corkscrews were invented first of all to emerge the beer bottles, its popularity increased with the frequentation of the bars and the pubs.

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Figural corkscrew: Undeniably utilitarian, corkscrews have taken yet another path in the Twentieth Century : the figural corkscrews to represent the shapes of the visible world, or takes these forms, definitely identifiable, like material. Between The most famous corkscrews we find: the "pisseux", keys, objects of navy, animals... Designers have noted the shapes of people, animals, and even common objects and, wherever possible, incorporated these into their newest corkscrews. Elegant or ordinary, staid, fanciful, or even outlandish.

# 756

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