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Extract of the catalogue Manufrance 1957


Here the definition of domestic Larousse of 1926 : Helicoid steel or iron stank generally finished by a handle or a ring.

The simple corkscrews consist of 4 principal elements :

  • the shank crosses the handle,
  • the worm called wire worm, full worm or a Archimedes' screw,
  • the handle less worked can also be used as publicity support,
  • the nail makes interdependent the handle and the shank.

Manufacture of the wire worm

The wire worm
: Wire worm is a gimlet rolled up around an immaterial axle. It can be of round or square, grooved and more or less chamfered section. Moreover its step, i.e. the spacing between each whorl, can be more or less spaced.

The wire worm
: its step, i.e. the spacing between each whorl, is more spaced.

The Archimedes screw : This worm is a pointed steel shank on which one rolled up a more or less cutting threading, fixed all along the shank by a welding with brass. One meets especially this type of corkscrew in Germany or in the U.S. Certain wine amateurs hardly appreciate them, because they tend to be inserted in the cork and to drop some from the pieces in the wine.

The full worm: The full worm is a worm with a full central core and a more or less cutting threading. These worm can vary by the slope of the helicoid the step and the diameter.

The groove worm: The groove worm is a wire worm with round dug section.

The square worm: The square worm is a wire worm with square section.

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