Collection privée Tire-bouchons



These thanks are addressed to you particularly

The Gallucci family who allowed me to supplement in figural collection.

Marc Poncelet and the Extractor team (CFTB newspaper) for the insert placed in the #39 of september 2004, heading "Quoi de neuf sur Internet".

Joseph C Paradi, ce collectionneur et cet expert en tire-bouchon de renommée mondiale a référencé mon site sur Corkscrewnet. Il a également accepté aimablement que Collection privée tire-bouchon réutilise sa page librairie pour être traduite en français.

Domaine Lamy Pillot Viticulteur in Bourgogne since 1640 at Chassagne-Montrachet. For the interêt and the nice attention which they carried at my entry in the CFTB and my collection. Visit a pleasant website and very complete on the Bourgnogne wine and do not forget to follow with attention the evolution of a vine stock planted in 2002...

L'Association E.S.P.O.I.R spontaneously and especially nicely my site referred.

Jean-Christian Midava, collector like me which referred my site on his.

Madeleine Doneux, who did not hesitate to come from Belgium to bring corkscrews to me.

Béatrice Moreau, offered my first figural corkscrew to me.

Yann Golfier, qui a participé à l'augmentation de mon capital tire-bouchons.

Fabrice Martin, who gave me some parts of his collectors' corkscrews.

Annett Horlbeck, who from Berlin to bring to me a famous Ampelmann.

Pascal, brought kindly back holidays a corkscrew to increase my collection.

Jean-Marc Lamy, reappeared from an old engine a forgotten corkscrew and its could join my collection

The Poitras family sent to me of Canada a superb corkscrew multifunction.

Eric et Nathalie who allowed me to supplement in an original way my collection.

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