Type Pocket corkscrew N° 447


Prong puller


None N° patent : 3.341


Patented by Benjamin Lew on 26 March 1878. This corkscrew, when it is closed form a cylindrical sheath. It consists of two parts: a tube or sheath in nickel plated bronze closed at one end and fitted with two lights, one of which is longer than the other. This is the opening passage of a flexible blade and retractable articulated, she came out of the case and takes the position perpendicular to the axis of the case. The second part consists of a blade independent with a stopper in the same case. This blade comes to lodge in the upper light The holder to form a turn-cap. Note that the French Charles Pege filed a patent for this type of corkscrew. Purchased at Perpignan (France).

Length Overall length: 2 5/8 inches (6,7 centimeters)
Handle: 3 1/8 iinches (7,8 centimeters)


1,411 onces


429 USD (335 €) - Valuation december 14, 2008


Federzungen : page 25
B revets de tire-bouchons français 1847 - 1967 : page 107
Les tire-bouchons français 1828 - 1974 : page 97
The ultimate corkscrew book : page 122

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