French prong puller Emile Jetter - JTR Type Pocket corkscrew N° 413


Prong puller


JTR N° patent :


This french aluminium model realized has been produced by the group Jetter, Tarreras and Rossignol, hence those initials. Emile Jetter was wholesaler in Paris, he has marketed that corkscrew in the years 1933 to 1955. It is presented here with its protective cover. The blades are inserted into the head of corkscrew then blocked by a mass of lead.

Note: there's a similar corkscrew without mark (see TB408).

Use: see home runs-stoppers (click "Close Window" at the bottom of page).

Length Overall length: 3 3/8 inches (9,5 centimeters)
Handle: 2 3/4 iinches (7,5 centimeters)


1,90 onces


44 USD (28 €) - Valuation march 16, 2008


La folie des tire-bouchons: page 92
Les tire-bouchons français Modèles & Fabricants: page 117
Federzungen : page 80

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