The reliable




PAT. NOV. 10. 1885 - RELIABLE


This english corkscrew marked PAT. NOV. 10 1885 on one arm and RELIABLE on the other was patented in the United States by Arthur Marshall Wier November 10, 1885. The french Ernest Martinet copy a few decades later this corkscrew which will bear the famous name of Perfect (see TB084). Although it behaves like the Perfect dual sets of levers forming parallelograms of different sizes, there are notable differences. Firstly there is a link connecting the handle curves pleasing to the clevis, there is a drum and worm to the bit flat machined in one piece. Finally the "goulotier" is cylindrical and conical to the inside. As a general rule all parts are machined and non plate flanges.


Close: 4 7/8 inches (12 centimeters)
Open: 8 1/4 inches (21 centimeters)


5.3 ounces (150 grammes)


115 USD (80 €) - Valuation december 16, 2007


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Mechanical corkscrew Ferd peters: page 216
The ultimate corkscrew book: page 85

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