Sanbri Type Pocket corkscrew N° 370


Prong puller


None N° patent :


This prong puller were widely used in the nineteenth century, it could extract the cork without damaging them. French model brand SANBRI dating from before 1980, is presented without its protective cover. It is a former model, we can dicerni recent models (see TB n° 47) by the screw that sets a spring inserted in the body and compressing the blades in the cavity. Purchased at Nimes (France).
Employ a corkscrew blade is not so easy, we must push one of the blades between the cork and neck of the bottle then push the second and advancing and cascade either. Then, remove the cap ensuring a rotary motion.

Length Overall length: 3 7/8 inches (9,8 centimeters)


1,90 onces


14 USD (11 €) - Valuation november 07, 2008


Les tire-bouchons français Modèles & fabricants: page 203
L'extracteur n°52: page 14
Federzungen: page 90

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