Saint-Jacques the Major


Figural corkscrew




Steel corkscrew representing Saint-Jacques the Major one upright on a scallop symbol of the pilgrimage with Compostelle. The pilgrims carry it fixed at the hat or the cape. It is also carved on the majority of the statues of the apostle to make it recognizable. Why the shell? It exactly is not known: in Antiquity, the shells in the broad sense were symbols of love and were supposed to protect from sorcery, the bad fate, all kinds of diseases. But is there a Christian symbol?
Always it is that this corkscrew equipped with a wire worm is hardly practical to withdraw a stopper. One has the right to wonder whether it "were not arranged" by a skilful retailer. At all events it will remain can be single. Bought in Saint Jean de Védas (France).


Overall length : 4.72 inches (12 centimeters)
Worm : 1.57 inches (4 centimeters)


18.69 ounces (65 grammes)


10 USD (8 €)


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