Type Pocket corkscrew N° 202


Prong puller


SANBRI BTE S.G.D.G. N° patent : 991.255


French brand SANBRI patented by Albert Tabard June 20, 1954. The handle and holster are aluminum. The blade is fixed by a screw to facilitate the erection and dismantling of a blade replacement is lacking on the model presented. One end of a function décapsuler and other dégoudronner (pass on the image to see the patent).

Use: see home prong puller (click on "Close this window" at the bottom of page).

Length Overall length: 3 7/8 inches (9,8 centimeters)
Handle: 3 3/8 inches (8,5 centimeters)


1,13 onces


17 USD (11 €) - Valuation january 01, 2008


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Mechanical corkscrew Ferd Peters: page 65
Federzungen Berndt: page 92

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