Negbaur Parrot


Figural corkscrew


On one side : NEGBAUR
On another side : U.S.A PAT'D


American Manuel Avillar was issued a patent in 1929 for a opener with a parrotís shape. Later, the tail of the parrot is transformed into retractable worm and itís a most frequently found. The Avilar parrots is by far the most frequently seen feathered barmen. This chromium plated Art deco corkscrew is very practical, the large nozzle of the parrot is used as very effective bottle opener whereas the foot makes it possible to plunder the ice. As for the worm discreetly hidden behind the "feathers" of the bird, seems quite frail to extract from the tight corks. On the base are engraved on a side NEGBAUR and other U.S.A. PAT' D. Harry Negbaur was a tools maker, he built the figures of these corkscrews for Dollin Die Casting Company d' Irvington in the New Jersey. There are many versions of this corkscrew: brass, painted, decorated with strass, most required seems to be that with the representation of feathers on the neck of the animal. Bought in US at Shawnee (Kensas).


5.12 inches (13 centimeters)


3.53 ounces (100 grammes)


24 USD (20 €) - Last valuation january 15, 2006


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