Pocket corkscrew


SANBRI Made in France


The original of this type was patented in America as the Magic Cork Extractor in 1879 and 1892, by Lucian Mumford. In 1899, Mascil Converse of New York improved upon the idea and came up with the version shown here. The design consists of two flat metal prongs, one slightly longer than the other. Rock the prongs back and forth between the bottle neck and the cork, until the prongs reach the length of the cork, then twist and pull to remove. French model of mark SANBRI. The handle is out of aluminium and the plastic case is in black color. The blade is fixed by a set screw facilitating the assembly and disassembling.


3.86 inches (9,8 centimeters)


2.12 ounces (60 grammes)


17 USD (12 €) - Last valuation january 1, 2008


Les tire-bouchons français Modèles & fabricants : page 190
Mechanical corkscrew Ferd Peters : page 65

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