The puigpull corkscrew


Level corkscrew




The Puigpull corkscrew (pronounced "pootch-pull") is a happy result of more than 100 years' experience of the Puig family in the wine and hotel business, when all its descendants became either wine tradres ot hotels owners. Born in the Penedès area (Catalognia, Spain), among vineyards where the old roman Augustus Way still creosses over the country and in the luminous presence of Mediterranean Sea, the Puigpull is the definitive solution to uncork all kind of wine bottles. Pocket sized and extremely effective, it is quite indispensable both in the professional field and for use ar home. In 1998 the Puigpull corkscrew won the prix Design Plus at the Francfort international fair and the Formidable prize at the Formex exhibition, Stockholm.


5.51 inches (14 centimeters)


2.65 ounces (75 grammes)


20 USD (14 €) - last valuation september 4, 2005


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