News Letter n° 44
february 2008
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I am in possession of a corkscrew that comes my grandparents, I do not know where to find information on it. Maybe can you help me? It is in a casket while Thomason nine style mechanical, it is entered above "THE VULCAN No. 308" It is in perfect condition. Can you tell me what is its origin, when date there and if possible, an approximate value?

Jean-Pierre A
The Vulcan (The Vulcan) was manufactured by W. H. Millier Gear Specialists Ltd in england Westol Wine Consultants. This limited production 500 copies (you must have the 308th) was launched in 1978 to commemorate the patent Sir Edward Thomason's who filed the patent in 1802. Value between 230 and 300 € depending the state.

This corkscrew was auctioned on Ebay Following the exchange that I had with the owner, The estimate that I gave was rather underestimated. The auction reached: 555 €.
This corkscrew simple, beautiful quality is mounted with a handful cherry and a wonderful bit. It is marked "VERITABLE DUVAL: NO! it is not french Pastis... I looked in the book of Gerard Bidault but I found nothing! From your Later on do you know?

Christian V.

That mark has already been identified (Extractor Supplement No. 50), but unfortunately it is not yet a lot of information available except that the manufacturer is perhaps angevin. Sorry but I can not give you more insight into what corkscrew which remains a little common room.

The following pages have been updated:

See the glossary
Siret's collection , Laurent Siret is certainly one of Manufacturers corkscrews's most popular France, which in effect Not in the drawer of her kitchen a vine painted?

Walking on the links collectors corkscrews, I just discovered your site and let me send you this mail to see if you can help me in my research? I just find bottle openner(see photo attached), and I would like to know its origins. The support cast is (275 g) and inside there is engraved letters 3 and No. 6-digit. As The bottle alone, it too is numbered and literate and the characters are superbly worked (nose, eyes, beard ...). My approach is: can you tell me or Point me in my search for information on this item?
Betty A.

In leafing through the book by Frank and Barbara Ellis "Corkscrews: British Registered Designs," I fell On an article similar to the bottle instead of a corkscrew. These items have been made by Paul Gladman to 17 New building, street price in Birmingham. The No. Registration is as follows: No. 891381, filed December 9, 1958.
Find the top ten winning bids identified in newsletters TOP 10. For the moment the auction is the highest for a corkscrew american leverage patented single-September 3, 1878 by William Tucker with the marking "PAT'D SEP. 3, 1878. "
Every month I will try to dégoter an object unusual, always commensurate with our hobby. This month, it is a mirror which serves upside for advertising at home Perly of Bordeaux, specializing in Cinchona. Obviously, the image of this object has been selected for the corkscrew-type "eyebrow" at the wick particularly rebellious.

With his former bridges clamshell, its large tracts moors, crystalline rivers, buttes granite called "tors" typical of this region, the Dartmoor has many tourist attractions: villages, attractive markets, hotels, pubs and historic inns, unusual tourist attractions ... And of course their "pixies". Pixies is a name generic which includes legendary creatures british folklore: small fairies, goblins, elves, trolls, or mischievous gnomes living in the wood. In appearance, they look like old people with wrinkled faces, and are small in stature with red hair. They dress in the colours of the earth, particularly the green, using natural materials such as moss, grass and lichens. to discover: Mythes & Légendes.
I dont know if it comes from the latest issue of the book by Barbara and Frank Ellis, but corkscrews of this kind are taken out of drawers and collections for the coming bloom canvas, but perhaps also this is due to the mischief of these small people. Just think or dream a little ... Always is it that they convinced me to come and meet them this summer in their homeland ... I will certainly to make you a detailed account of their actions as well as to expose you photos I will have taken without their knowledge (See corkscrew # 406).

1 to March 16, 2008 at Etampes, Collectors have the good life... Their passion regularly making the honor by Alain Desgranges, the head of the association "Collection Passion" several exhibitions are indeed organized in the year. From Barbie in August to objects of Poilus in november 2007, the collector is done, each after that opportunity, a pleasure and a duty to highlight the work of passion as him. A pleasure to be able to speak again for 15 days in early march, with a flagship event. We will present for this twelfth anniversary pottery from french tradition of all regions.


34 079 visits in February 2008, there were 871 visits since the last letter - thank you for your loyalty! Are very likely to know the address of the site since 41% of visitors have direct access, 48% use a search engine. A small word, and many thanks to those who appears my site on their 11% of visits made In this way, it's not bad!

Remember to use the engine integrated research on the "Collection" you can search through the pages of private collection corkscrews to stalking all terms and corkscrews therein. Good research!!

Every month I’m trying to discover new websites related to corkscrews: auction, sale, collectors’ websites, or even single html pages.

Blog maçonnique Masonic Comedy: the 10th tool of Franc-Bricklayer... the corkscrew. Everyone knows the 9 tools associated with 3 degrees of masonry speculative. But it is a 10th that is never mentioned. Oswald Wirth, through all his writings, there is not even mentioned, and no Masonic dictionary! But what makes an apprentice after using the mallet and chisel?

Wedding favors emporium A corkscrew chromed "Bow-tie" in the shape of a heart that clients appreciate many years. The corkscrew Tuxedo measure 5" long, it is presented in an elegant box matte black with velvet lining. Featured Saint Valentin...

Flickr Presentation of a collection of old corkscrew...

Vintage corkscrews blog The new blog Josef Africans...
Collection passion Stories of collectors: when a collector meets another collector, what they tell... Stories of collectors! It's a bit purpose of the association "Collection-Passion" founded by Alain Etampes Desgranges and Samantha Philippe. Promoting dialogue, exchange views on the passions of every person and to discover our treasures (see the article "The 33rd Multicollections exposure...)

The number of items in the collection as of today is 409, eight items have been added to the collection.

n° 402Tire-bouchon the Signet de Wolverson
n° 403Tire-bouchon de poche André Verpillat
n° 404Tire-bouchon en T mèche à griffes
n° 405Tire-bouchon figuratif, marin
n° 406Tire-bouchon allemand à cloche courte
n° 407Tire-bouchon The reliable de Wier
n° 408Tire-bouchon à hélice ACo
n° 409Tire-bouchon de poche anglais

This stamp Composed of the initials MF belongs to the French Manufacture d'Armes and Cycles of Saint-Etienne "Manufrance" whose motto was "Well done and know." The Famous and emblematic of Saint Etienne company was founded by Stephen Mimard Blachon and Pierre in 1885. The company was the largest of its kind. His arms, Its bicycles, sewing machines, to name only the main articles were entirely manufactured in its workshops (See page estampille of the site).

The 33rd exhibition multicollectionsof association "Collection passion" was held on 16 and 17 february at the multipurpose hall of Itteville (91). The exhibition was devoted to local history, postcards, stamps, painting. An idea of what was school at the beginning of the twentieth century, a few windows were exposed including a collection of mugs with lids, old toys "phonographs" without forgetting the corkscrew of Jacques Corbel.

Visit this nice collector who participates fully in the life of his good associative d'Etampes city? Ambassador of defense corkscrew, it will convince you to join its manifesto to share good taste and tradition that we have to keep! : Les tire-bouchons de Rebel-TB Etampes.
All month, I select the best bids that took place on Ebay, for February 2008, once again we have beautiful pieces, as Martin Bauer on the handle decorated with an allegory to the french war of 1870. A superb Valentin Rasch of 1882 or this beautiful curly french pocket mother pearl and silver ...
Singular corkscrew figurative nickel metal representing a dog standing on its rear feet. The stylized contours of this animals are thinking about drawing cartoon. Her mouth is cut to serve as a bottle openner while the tail of the animal was deployed to use a wire worm corkscrew.
French corkscrew all-metal blade marked mestre BTE SGDG patented by Eugene Adrien Mestre as No. 99.986 on July 13, 1874. This piece is mounted with a handful bronze unlike the copy of the letter °17. The stem at the base has a square called termination blade hook.
Rare corkscrew of Martin Bauer house, it is marked "Gagnepain Bauer". Bauer is the successor of Gagnepain the house where the association of his name on the wicks always square. The handle bronze ajourée represents one side cantinière one and the other a soldier "type Zouave" playing the drum. It dates from the late 19th century.

Corkscrew blade of Somsou-Bruneaux marked on the shank to square "BRUNEAUX" on one side and PATENTED another S.G.D.G. Has an ending so-called blade hook.

The auction reached:277,09 € (1 817 FF)
The auction reached: 334 €(2 191 FF)
The auction reached: 400 €(2 624 FF)

The auction reached: 20,50 € (134 FF)

Corkscrew patented by German Valentin Rasch in 1882 as No. 20803. This corkscrew is the second its manufacture, it is from the 1930's. The difference between the first version focuses on the head of the open cage which was originally conducted by two oblong pieces riveted together. The peculiarity of the system comes from its large handful who also acts as a lever, it acts as a cam.
French little pocket corkscrew of eighteenth century in silver with a pearl handle. A net comes in a spiral curl on the case to serve as decoration, it is just not screwing a screw located at the base of the stem. A rare and beautiful piece (see identical corkscrew in letter # 36).
French corkscrew marked GUINOT LANGLOIS, marking identifies easily period manufacture of this corkscrew: 1882 - 1886. The characteristic corkscrews Langlois is the worm to square section.

Rare corkscrew stamped "Diamant JP Paris Bte SGDG October 24, 1887 déposé". It has the particularity of the addendum to patent No. 186560 requested on October 31, 1889 by Jacques Perille. It has the particularity of having three points at the top and above all an additional threads on the rod.

The auction reached: 931,17 € (6 108 FF)
The auction reached: 2335,67 € (15 452 FF)
The auction reached: 204 € (1 338 FF)

The auction reached: 4 410 € (28 928 FF).


I am looking The first copies of the "Extracteur". Please let me know if you want to get rid of these booklets, or if you have double, do not forget to look in your cellar or in the attic, it must be kept in a trunk which excavated

I also research the book entitled "Deutscher Gebrauchsmusterschutz fur Korkenzieher" Pumpenmeier Klaus is the most complete book on patents in Germany. Pumpenmeier is a renowned researcher familiar with corkscrews of his country. The book was published in limited edition, so I know that I will be difficult to find. The information on patents are very complete and accompanied by numerous photographs, it will complement my collection.
Contact : Jean-Pierre Mascaron


Don’t forget to pay a visit to the association
And, don’t forget to sign the adhesion bulletin. ESPOIR is an association of close to the population of Madagascar we help disadvantaged. This feature is extremely important, it is challenging and rewarding in our encounters on the ground. It is also challenging and reassuring in the confidence that our accession and partners attach to our operations and our actions


The quiz was found, bravo to Hajo and Laurent. It was the corkscrew propeller Andre Bongrand. It is the cousin of the AERO certainly produced by Perille for André Bongrand. It is marked "AB" on the nut to the large propeller that allows easy removal cork. The handle five holes also mentioned the "design" Perille. The screw slide freely in the cage open. The full worm is central tip. You can find this corkscrew on the site Collection privée tire-bouchons : see # 395.

Avec l'aimable participation de Bernard le Pevedic à la relecture

Here an overview of one of corkscrews of next newsletter. Who is his name and manufacturer? Want to be an index ... It is french and I would add that this type of corkscrew gives guidance to my collection ...


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