Info letter nr 18
30 st october 2005



The « Collection privée Tire-bouchons » monthly newsletter gives information related to the website:  main updates, new links towards excellent corkscrew dedicated websites and on new items added to the collection.  You’ll find a complete index of the newsletters published since Nr 1 by clicking on the following link" Info letter " .


Last minute…

Lately I had the joy of attending the marriage of friends with Saint Rémy of Provence, the advisability of visiting just at side the museum “Musée du tire-bouchons ». I am thus to go to admire this formidable collection within a vineyard of 40 hectares in Lubéron close to Ménerbes. The Field of the Citadel contains more than 1000 parts of the 17th century at our days exposed in enlightened windows of a room plunged in the half-light being next to large the wine storehouses. When the high doors were closed again behind me I could only and during long minutes to contemplate these technological jewels without forgetting this original compression of corkscrews with ring produced by César. The visit was followed of a tasting of the wines of the field to finish in the sunny lanes of Ménerbes perched on its hillock, complement impossible to circumvent with the voyage



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n° 17september 2005


A selection of the best auctions of the month found on Ebay

No exceptional auctions this month, but some beautiful parts found taking with in particular always very required Débouchoir Ajoux of George Roux. The October auction’s made me lie since a second corkscrew of pocket of Eugene Serre with found purchaser for 251 € whereas last month it was gained for a more significant sum 428,77 € (see the neswletter n° 17).


English corkscrew of Samuel George Mason in Dale End, Birmingham. It was manufactured by manufactures of equipment of bars between 1865 and 1910 Gaskell & Chambers.

The auction reached 483,27 € (3 170 FF)

Corkscrew with propeller equipped with a cage arises whose conical and lengthened form is rather rare.

The auction reached
121 € (794 FF)



Pocket corkscrew of metal whose case is also used as whistle.

The auction reached
517 € (3 391 FF)



French corkscrew carried out by George ROUX in 1929. It is about a multi-use called Débouchoir Ajoux, this name is engraved besides on the top of the handle. It out of pressed steel.

The auction reached
480 € (3 148 FF)

French extensible corkscrew marked the initial AS attesting without ambiguity of its source, i.e. the Birambeau company. More known for these advertising corkscrews in the shape of bottle.

The auction reached
178 € (1 168 FF)

German mechanical corkscrew marked BODEGA, patented under the nr 113,367 on August 29, 1899 by Ernst Scharff.  Some are marked figure 2 or 3. The n° 3 being of bigger size.

The auction reached
228 € (1 495 FF)

French corkscrew with toothed rack of Jacques Perille patented under number 112,465 on April 15, 1876.  It appeared in the catalogue under Nr 90.

The auction reached
640 € (4 198 FF)

French Corkscrew called REVOLVER. Patented in 1891 per Michel Durafour marks MD. Similar parts were marketed by Gagnepain and Bauer.

The auction reached
280 € without the price of reserve being reached.

New links…

Every month I’m trying to discover new websites related to corkscrews: Auction, sale, collectors’ websites, or even single html pages.

1.       Musée le Secq des Tournelles, the St. Lawrence church (XVe and XVIe centuries) shelters since 1921 a collection of ironwork which was and which remains an essential reference in Europe. The giver Henri Secq of the Small towers had indeed offered to the town of Rouen the first methodical collection of arts of iron, started in 1862 with his father Jean-Louis Secq Destournelles (1818-1882)...

2.       Musée de Centovalli , An article on the exposure of corkscrews to the regional Museum of Centovalli on October 27, 2002...

3.       Faye-Muzard, Manufacturing since 1926, Faye Muzard carries out in its workshop of Rémy Saint on Durolle (world capital of the worm) all kinds of worm. All our worm are done out of stainless steel or steel ordinary, soaked, polished or nickelled

4.         Textes rares, The purpose of our association (created in 1997) is to diffuse rare or singular texts of French language and images of XVIe at the XIXe century. Illustrations: kitchen utensils at the end of the XIXe century, for this page it is about a corkscrew with lever…

Of course you can retrieve all these addresses in the rubric LIENS of the website “Collection privée Tire-bouchons”. Have a nice surf !

The collection is growing up …

The number of items in the collection as of today is 217, four items have been added to the collection…

Simple corkscrews

Mechanical corkscrews

No new item

n° 214Adolf MENZ patent D.R.G.M. Nr. 1 308 467

Lever corkscrews

Figural corkscrews

No new item

n° 215 – Corkscrew anchor shape
n° 217 – Corkscrew Jacques the Major

Multifunction corkscrews

Pocket corkscrews

No new item

n° 211 – Picnic plastic corkscrew, it was patented in the US under Nr D-247 279



No new information for this corkscrew.

Aidez nous à rechercher leur identification…

L’objet insolite du mois…

I didn’t receive information on this corkscrew, and anything in the works which I have.  it looks like the « Ménagère » made by Perille, except that the handle and the fly-nut have sharp sides.!


Every month I will try to dig up an unusual object always in relationship with corkscrews.

This month, I found this this grip catches steel stopper, marked TACL Bté SGDG CADO




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