Info letter nr 17
30 st september 2005



The « Collection privée Tire-bouchons » monthly newsletter gives information related to the website:  main updates, new links towards excellent corkscrew dedicated websites and on new items added to the collection.  You’ll find a complete index of the newsletters published since Nr 1 by clicking on the following link" Info letter " .


Last minute…

French TV France 3 was interested in our passion and my collection through Magali Nguyen. It is a journalist for a new emission on France 3 channel which will try to flush out the second-hand dealers, the chineurs in any kinds, the collectors and other antique dealers.  It went to visit the site of Private Collection corkscrews which challenged it because it seeks collectors of all kinds of objects for its reports which will be able to tell anecdotes on the objects, to make to an even little history for the televiewers sometimes beginners. If you are interested or know somebody who could be it, it leaves us its co-ordinates:

Tel. 06 87 10 50 75 – Mail



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A selection of the best auctions of the month

New links

The collection is growing up

The unusual object of the month



14 021 visits on the website as end of September 2005, Thanks for your fidelity!!


2nd anniversary of “Collection privée Tire-bouchons” Web site: it was inaugurated on September 16, 2003. The objective was double:  to bring closer the French-speaking pomelkophiles and to give desire to the Net surfers of the whole world for discovering this passion

Yes, I collect wine and corkscrews. Just how this happened, I can't say for sure. But it has turned into an obsession that I fear has no cure. Please help me. Send boxes of corkscrews and I will be eternally grateful. Without any further delay, a sampling of some corksrews in my collection for your enjoyment (see the list below).


A selection of the best auctions of the month found on Ebay

Very nice auctions took place this month with namely 2 corkscrews KIDEBOUCHE and a prongs and puller of Eugene Serre

Copy Wulfruna system patented by James Heeley & Sons. This corkscrew is not marked. The pin was replaced by a small dish which comes to stop the screw with the manner of the corkscrews with tilting ring. Presented in the catalogue of Heeley under the nr 4464.

The auction reached 115,09 € (755 FF)



Very beautiful pocket corkscrew certainly of Dutch invoice. The silver case protects a wire worm.  The very worked stem is surmounted by a handle with a curious form.

The auction reached 357,92 € (10 288 FF)

Corkscrew marked Kidebouche, of unknown invoice, it is not without recalling celebrates it Perfect with a difference on the level of the bronze handle and the 2 stops on the level of the mobile bell.  (Seen Extractor nr 41).

The auction reached
315 € (2 066 FF)

Corkscrew marked Kidebouche, of unknown invoice, like Ci against, it is not without recalling celebrates it Perfect with this time a handle in the shape of horns. (Seen  Extractor nr 41).

The auction reached
152 € (997 FF)

This French prongs is  patented by Eugene Serre under the nr 772.202 on April 23, 1934. It takes again the principle of the patent of Theodore Destroyes with in more one cut glass.

The auction reached 428,77 € (2 812 FF)

This French prong is patented by Theodore Destroyes under nr 678.196 on July 9, 1929. One of the only corkscrews of pocket thermal switches with this one against E Serre and of American E.S. Piper.

The auction reached
421 € (2 761 FF)

French corkscrew with blade entirely metal hook of Eugene Adrien Mestre patented under the nr 99,986 on July 13, 1874.

The auction reached
531 € (3 483 FF)

English corkscrew of Richard W Bradnock patented under the nr 3,221 on June 29, 1883. It is marked MAGIC TWIST.

The auction reached 1633,33 € (10 714 FF)

New links…

Every month I’m trying to discover new websites related to corkscrews: Auction, sale, collectors’ websites, or even single html pages.

1.       Je, A new site to pass from the advertisements between collectors...

2.       Corkscrew page, Yes, I collect the wine and of the corkscrews.  How this occurred, I really do not know.  But on the other hand what is sure, it is that that turns to obsession...

3.       Le tire-bouchon nouveau est arrivé, Corkscrew, object usual and quasi-universal, Xavier Masson knew to make an object of At.  In the hands of this creative with the mounting of innovations, the banal one is transformed into art while remaining attached to its functionality first.  Its creations invite us to pose a new glance on the ustensil fetish of the amateurs of elixirs of the whole world.

4.         Le Musée de la Vigne et du Tire-Bouchon, A formidable panoply of tools and old corkscrews (of the XIXe century at our days) collected by Alain Geoffroy during more years. This last presents more than 700 original parts all the ones than the others. Thus come to discover, in free visit, this single private collection which is revealed in the Cellars of the Field Alain Geoffroy.

Of course you can retrieve all these addresses in the rubric LIENS of the website “Collection privée Tire-bouchons”. Have a nice surf !

The collection is growing up …

The number of items in the collection as of today is 212, four items have been added to the collection…

Simple corkscrews

Mechanical corkscrews

n° 209 – Tony Dussieux
n° 212Celtic collection corkscrew

No new item

Lever corkscrews

Figural corkscrews

n° 210 – Levers corkscrew (without mark)
n° 211Corkjack

No new item

Multifunction corkscrews

Pocket corkscrews

No new item

No new item


More than 60 countries came to connect itself on the site with a majority of French-visitors. Like last year, the greatest number of visits comes from France, comes then in the same order as the year last Belgium then the United States and Canada. Italy and the United Kingdom came to restick the group of.






(63 %)

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 Royaume Uni

(2,3 %)

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(0,6 %)


New information on one of the 2 corkscrews

Aidez nous à rechercher leur identification…

L’objet insolite du mois…

I didn’t receive information on this corkscrew, and anything in the works which I have.  it looks like the « Ménagère » made by Perille, except that the handle and the fly-nut have sharp sides.!


Every month I will try to dig up an unusual object always in relationship with corkscrews.

This month, I found this stopper surmounted by a corkscrew with levers, rather original!



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