Info letter nr16
31st July 2005



The « Collection privée Tire-bouchons » monthly newsletter gives information related to the website:  main updates, new links towards excellent corkscrew dedicated websites and on new items added to the collection.  You’ll find a complete index of the newsletters published since Nr 1 by clicking on the following link" Info letter " .


There will be no info letter for August as I am leaving for 3 weeks to Scotland. I wish you all pleasant hollydays !

Last minute …

I have received a lot of information about this corkscrew, thanks to Hajo and Lothar, it is a German patent from Wilhelm Hartmann under Nr 43040 dated 11.06.1897. It’s second utility is to sharpen knives.  As experts are saying, this item is quite rare and its selling price (1121 €) was not high.  Congratulation to the buyer!


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nr 15 – June 2005

A new page…

Corkscrews are of course in close relationship with wine, could I even say that without wine there is no corkscrew, indeed yes; I have then added a page dedicated to wine lovers (see the page “liens” on the website)


Reader’s corner

A selection of the best auctions of the month

New links

The collection is growing up

The unusual object of the month


Corkscrew to identify…

Patrick found a superb corkscrew that he cannot identify. Who will be able to help him to discover the name and the maker of this object?

About the website…

13 263 visits on the website as end of July 2005, Thanks for your fidelity!

You are now a lot to know the address of the website because half of the visitors are using a direct access.  Thank you to all of the individuals who have referenced my website on their, as a matter of fact, 12% of the visits are realised through these indirect means, not bad at all!


The information newsletter will now be available a few days after the distribution of the French version.


A selection of the best auctions of the month found on Ebay

Very nice auctions took place this month with namely a forged steel cage corkscrew


Open cage corkscrew with circle and arcades decorating cuttings.  But these cuttings also have another function as they lighten the forged steel corkscrew.  It has an Archimedean worm and still has its worm protection in shape of a point.


The auction reached

4 530 €
(29 715 FF)

The « Désiré » is a French multi lever corkscrew with two side levers connected together with a flat spring that is also used as a handle.  Dating from 1919, it was sold in England under the name « The Butler »




The auction reached

1 568,37 €
(10 288 FF)

Syroco corkscrew representing a clown.




The auction reached

691,30 € (4 135 FF)

Pocket corkscrew in shape of scisors.





The auction reached

141 € (925 FF)


Superb Codd corkscrew.  This one has a small tube going through the handle to a small curved pipe.  The cylindrical shaft is followed by an helicoidally shaped worm.

The auction reached

69,29 €
(454 FF)


Double helix corkscrew, the second worm is placed side by side with the fist one, authorising the cork to rotate inside the bottle neck.  This system is a British invention designed by James Wilson (end of the 19th Century).  This model have the particularity to have an aluminium handle.

The auction reached

127,47 €
(836 FF)


Quick & Easy bar corkscrew patented by E. Walker circa 1890. Realised in nickel plated steel, this model was manufactured in several versions.  A similar model is existing under the name of “Unique”.

The auction reached

190,27 €
(1 248 FF)

Coffee grinder corkscrews are a bit more rare.  Often made of bronze, they can easily be compared to the fly-nut corkscrews, with identical working system.  The fly-nut is replaced by a crank that authorises the worm to go up.  On this model, it is a bladed worm, proof that this is an ancient model.

The auction reached

707,56 €
 (4 641 FF)







New links…

Every month I’m trying to discover new websites related to corkscrews:  Auction, sale, collectors’ websites, or even single html pages..

1.       Le, New French website on corkscrews.  A nice collection from the Pérille factory, and it is only the beginning, as the webmaster has the idea to present his 120 pieces…

2.       Wine antique, On the website you can read  “ Wine lovers have problems to resist to old silverware. These antiquities are to be offered for the festivals like Christmas, a marriage, a birthday or without reason right to give pleasure”. A page is devoted to the silver plated metal corkscrews...

Of course you can retrieve all these addresses in the rubric LIENS of the website “Collection privée Tire-bouchons”. Have a nice surf !

The collection is growing up …

The number of items in the collection as of today is 204, four items have been added to the collection.

Simple corkscrews

Mechanical corkscrews

n° 208Corkscrew « le dard »

n° 206 – Rack and pinion corkscrew (not marked)

Lever corkscrews

Figural corkscrews

n° 205 –ZIG ZAG corkscrew dated 1957

No new item

Multifunction corkscrews

Pocket corkscrews

No new item

n° 207 – Prong puller (not marked)


Still no information on these 2 corkscrews, who has an idea on their identity?


I recently bought a T shaped corkscrew with a small disc or button having two appendix pointing down. It makes me think to the system used on the ’EXELSIOR LEVER made by William Gamble (Ferd Peters – Mechanical – Pg 59, Fig. 122), but I can’t find it in any of my books.  Do somebody have some info about this model? (P. C)

Answer from Christ Bristow : I know that this corkscrew is certainly not an Exelsior from Gamble.  It is probably a Viarengo patent (See the book from Fletcher and Wallis on English patents pg 103, 131, 145)!

Christ kindly sent me a copy of these pages, but as far as I am concerned, I am not convinced … even if the working principle is the same, the shape is not really identical.  Please do not hesitate to send other comments …


Concerning this second corkscrew, it looks like the « Ménagère » made by Perille, except that the handle and the fly-nut have sharp sides.

Give your opinion !

The unusual object of the month …

Every month I will try to dig up an unusual object … always in relationship with corkscrews.This month, I discovered a corker marked GUIRAN MARSEILLE bte  S G D G. It is entirely made of aluminium.  The auction reached 25,50 €.



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Jean-Pierre LAMY