Info letter n°13
30th April 2005



The « Collection privée Tire-bouchons » monthly newsletter gives information related to the website:  main updates, new links towards excellent corkscrew dedicated websites and on new items added to the collection.  You’ll find a complete index of the newsletters published since Nr 1 by clicking on the following link" Info letter " .

Reader’s corner…

This corkscrew was part of the best auctions of last month, I did not manage to identify it, but thanks to an assiduous reader, I now got the answer: It is a corkscrew realised by Louis Houy (1857 – 1920). His corkscrews were marked « L.H ».


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Nr 12 – March 2005

A new page…

Corkscrews are of course in close relationship with wine, could I even say that without wine there is no corkscrew, indeed yes; I have then added a page dedicated to wine lovers (see the page “liens” on the website)


Reader’s corner

A selection of the best auctions of the month

New links

The collection is growing up

The unusual object of the month


Corkscrew to identify…

Patrick found a superb corkscrew that he cannot identify. Who will be able to help him to discover the name and the maker of this object?

About the website…

12 191 visits on the website as of March 2005, Thanks for your fidelity!

You are now a lot to know the address of the website because half of the visitors are using a direct access.  Thank you to all of the individuals who have referenced my website on their, as a matter of fact, 12% of the visits are realised through these indirect means, not bad at all!


The information newsletter will now be available a few days after the distribution of the French version.


A selection of the best auctions of the month found on Ebay

Very nice auctions took place this month with among others a superb ULTRA RAPIDE made by Fernand François, unfortunately, the auction came to nothing..

Aluminium corkscrew patented by Carlo Gemelli. This model was put to auction with its original box, making it more rare and therefore very searched after

The auction reached 148,79€
(976 FF)



Very nice American corkscrew patented by Thomas Curley in 1884. It is marked PAT APR 22.84 T. CURLEY, TROY NY. It is made of a removable  bronze bell that ease removal of the cork. US Patent n° 297,232.

L’enchère est montée jusqu’à 473,03 €
(3 103 FF)

Single lever corkscrew. It is named and marked ULTRA RAPIDE Bte SGDG, patented by Fernand François under number 323 030 on 19th of July 1902. It uses a crank. The auction came to nothing, the reserve price beeing not met.

6 500 € (42 637 FF)

American corkscrew (end of the 19th century), It is a bell mechanism made by  Edwin Walker. This advertising corkscrew for Shlitz beer has a lovely facetted bell, giving it a typical aspect..

The auction reached  178,67 € (1 172 FF)

Coffee grinder corkscrew .

The auction reached 408 €
(2 676 FF)


Side lever corkscrew (pliers type) patented in 1852 by the Belgian LEVEAUX from Namur.

The auction reached

2 765 €
(18 137 FF)



Open cage corkscrew made by Leduc. The handle is made of bone.  It has a superb entire worm.

The auction reached 363 €
(2 381 FF)

T corkscrew like Henshall’s type, it has a superb bone handle or ivory and is marked Reg’d Aug. 18th. 1851.

The auction reached 2108,39 €
 (13 830 FF)


New links…

Every month I’m trying to discover new websites related to corkscrews:  Auction, sale, collectors’ websites, or even single html pages.

1.       Bourno Bacchus, New exclusives products BOURNO-BACCHUS in the middle of the biggest vineyard of the world, event producer, visual emotion creator at the service of the world of wine. Some corkscrews are for sale in his page « Antiques »…

2.       Points de chine (flea-market places), From the East to the West, from the North to the South, with lots of patience and method, Points de chine is building up its web.  Our regular contacts with local organisators of these events: travel agencies, individuals responsible for organizing fairs, markets within municipalities, events organisation and associations allowed us to draw up an inventory of all the regular flea markets.

3.       Corkscrew Central , On Corkscrew central we try to present the very best of what is available, worldwide, in collections and antiques dedicated to wine and related objects. From the most personalized present to the most searched after bottle of wine for your cellar, we can provide you with unique and fascinating items. Just discover our on-line catalogue and do not hesitate to flip through the pages in order to find great present ideas for you and your friends.

Of course you can retrieve all these addresses in the rubric LIENS of the website “Collection privée Tire-bouchons”. Have a nice surf !

The collection is growing up …

Up to now, the amount of items presented is 195, four new items has been added. Come and see them…


Simple corkscrews

Multifunction corkscrews

n° 192 – Advertising corkscrew PICON

n° 196 – Simple American corkscrew

n° 194 – Nickel-plated four columns Italian corkscrew

n° 193 – Monopol corkscrew with trident logo

Lever corkscrews

Figural corkscrews

Nothing new on the lever side

No new item

Multifunction corkscrews

Pocket corkscrews

No new item

n° 195 – Pocket corkscrew called "Peg & Worm" in England and "Serpentin" in France


Who has an idea on the identity of these two corkscrews ?


I recently bought a T shaped corkscrew with a small disc or button having two appendix pointing down. It makes me think to the system used on the ’EXELSIOR LEVER made by William Gamble (Ferd Peters – Mechanical – Pg 59, Fig. 122), but I can’t find it in any of my books.  Do somebody have some info about this model? (P. C)

Give your opinion !


Concerning this second corkscrew, it looks like the « Ménagère » made by Perille, except that the handle and the fly-nut have sharp sides.

Give your opinion !


The unusual object of the month…

Every month I will try to dig up an unusual object … always in relationship with corkscrews. This month, it is a corkscrew in shape of an anvil. It seems that we can discover corkscrews of various shapes. This one is marked : The blacksmiths anvil cretna creen over which marriages were…”


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Jean-Pierre LAMY


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